Camel Milk FAQs

Do Camels Produce Milk?

Yes, they do! As a mammal, camels produce milk for their young. It’s very similar to the milk produced by other animals, but in many ways, it’s better.

Is Camel Milk Illegal?

In most countries, including the United States, Canada, the UK, the EU, and Australia, camel milk is NOT illegal. Some local states or territories may prohibit the sale of camel milk, especially raw milk, but it’s not illegal to drink it and you can usually buy it online and have it shipped to you.

What Does Camel Milk Taste Like?

Some say that came milk tastes slightly salty, but otherwise it tastes like any other milk. Camel milk is generally sold raw, so if you’re not used to drinking unpasteurized milk it might taste unfamiliar. Try it, you might like it!

Where Can I Buy Camel Milk?

Unless you live in one of the Arab countries, you’re not likely to find it in a supermarket, but it is possible to get it in most Western countries. We have separate articles on where to buy camel milk in the United States, the UK, and Australia.

Buying Camel Milk in the USA

Buying Camel Milk in the UK

Buying Camel Milk in Australia

How Much Does Camel Milk Cost?

Unfortunately, it might cost a lot. Compared with cows, camels produce much less milk. And while cows produce milk even when they are pregnant, camels do not until they’ve given birth. There are also far fewer camels, and they are raised in organic conditions. All this works together to significantly raise the price. The cost of 1 pint of milk in the USA is around $18.

What Is Camel Milk Good For?

While camel milk is not medicine, many have found it useful in the treatment of food allergies, autism, and diabetes. It can also be drank by people with mild or moderate lactose intolerance.

What Are The Health Benefits of Camel Milk?

Camel milk is the closest thing to human mother’s milk. It contains much more vitamins and minerals than cow milk. It also has half the fat and half the saturated fat. Camel milk can also boost the immune system and improve your overall heath.

What Products Are Made From Camel Milk?

Camel milk can be used to make almost any product that cow milk can. So far, it’s been used to make cheese and chocolate. It can also be used to make yogurt. Camel milk has been used as an ingredient in soaps, skin cream, and lip balm as well.

Are There Any Side Effects of Camel Milk?

There are no side effects of drinking camel milk.

Can the Lactose Intolerant Drink Camel Milk?

It depends on how serious the intolerance is. Camel milk does contain lactose, so those with a severe intolerance should avoid it. But those with a mild or moderate intolerance may be able to drink it without any discomfort.

Is Camel Milk Safe for Children and Infants?

Absolutely! As long as they have no trouble drinking cow milk, camel milk will be just as good for them, or even better. The nutrients in camel milk promote the growth of strong organs and can prevent diseases. Some evidence shows it can also prevent the development of diabetes.

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