Buy Camel Milk Products in Australia

The first camels were brought to Western Australia in the mid-1800s, but they were turned out into the wild when cars became more practical. Now, thousands of feral camels roam free and have become something of a nuisance. It wasn’t until recently that they’ve become useful. The Western world is beginning to learn what nomadic peoples have known for years: camel milk is extremely good for your health. The market is still limited but it’s growing, and many Australians want to know where to buy camel milk. Right now, you have a few good options.

Buying Camel Milk in Australian Shops

There are two major supplier of camel milk in Australia. Both maintain a list of shops that stock their products. The best known is QCamel. Their camel milk is sold in over 60 shops across Australia.

Milk produced by Camel Milk Victoria is sold in over 30 shops nationwide.

Buying Camel Milk Online

QCamel also sells milk through their website. You can’t get it delivered to your door, but they ship by airfreight to almost any airport across Australia. Their cheapest product is four one litre bottles of camel milk for $110 AUD, not including shipping. They accept PayPal, credit cards, and BPay.

Camel Milk Victoria sells milk at $21 AUD per pint through their online shop. They also sell camel milk-based soap, laundry powder, body butter, and lip balm.

Camel Milk Australia sells their products through They don’t sell actual camel milk, but they sell skin lotion, cream, and lip balm.

Dubai-based Al Nassma ships their camel milk chocolates internationally.

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