Benefits Of Drinking Camel Milk

Nomadic peoples have known about the health benefits of camel milk for centuries, but this delicious alternative to cow milk is just now catching on in many Western countries. In many ways, cow milk and camel milk are similar, but camel milk has many benefits that make it a better choice. In particular, drinking camel milk might be helpful for those suffering from diabetes, autism, and certain food allergies. For most people, its rich calcium and vitamin content together with its anti-inflammatory properties will improve their overall health and prevent some diseases.

For Allergy Sufferers

In addition to lacking some allergens found in cow milk, camel milk has properties that will boost the immune systems of allergy sufferers and may reduce or eliminate the symptoms of allergies. It’s thought that the immunoglobulins are the key to allergy relief. A small-sample study in Isreal tested 8 children who suffered from severe food allergies but couldn’t find relief from common allergy treatments. During the study, they drank camel milk every day, and their allergic reactions were completely eliminated. There hasn’t been a great deal of scientific study on the subject, but anecdotal evidence has backed up the study.

Camel Milk Boosts the Immune System

Camel milk contains a number of proteins and antimicrobial compounds. The small size of the antibodies in camel milk makes it easier for them to target disease-causing agents so that they can be destroyed. Unlike cow milk which contains A1 beta casein, camel milk contains A2 beta casein. In the body, A1 beta casein can break down into BCM-7, a peptide which suppresses the immune system. The high levels of Vitamin B and protein will also benefit one’s overall health and lead to a strong immune system.

Diabetes Treatment and Prevention

Among its many healthy components, camel milk is rich in insulin. Regular consumption of camel milk can improve the body’s glycemic control and reduces the need for insulin injections. Research by the Bikaner Diabetes Care Research Center in India determined that only about 500ml of fresh raw camel milk provided diabetics with enough insulin (or more accurately, a component molecularly similar to insulin) to improve their lives. However, camel milk does not cure diabetes or provide enough insulin to make injections unnecessary. On the other hand, it can also prevent the occurrence of diabetes caused by diet or environmental factors.

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Camel Milk Benefits for Autism Treatment

Research into the effects of camel milk for the treatment of autism is lacking, but many parents of autistic children have reported that the children’s behavior improved after several days of drinking camel milk. This could be due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the milk. Many children on the autism spectrum are on strict diets which exclude potentially inflammatory substances like gluten. Regularly ingesting the anti-inflammatory components in camel milk can help those with autism become more sociable and better express themselves verbally.

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Camel Milk for the Lactose Intolerant

Camel milk contains lactose, but in much lower quantities than other types of milk. While it couldn’t be drunk by people with a severe intolerance for lactose, those with a less serious intolerance may be able to consume it along with proper medication. Since camel milk can be used to make cheese, yogurt and ice cream, this may open up a whole new way of eating for many people.

Overall Health Improvement

The nutritional value of camel milk will improve your overall health. Camel milk is ten times higher in iron, crucial for the formation of red blood cells. This improves circulation and oxygenation of the blood and the health of internal organs. Camel milk also has three times as much vitamin C. Camel milk is also beneficial for keeping the blood pressure low. It contains fatty acids that help to balance the body’s cholesterol level and prevent high cholesterol, a leading cause of a number of health problems, such as heart attacks and atherosclerosis. Camel milk also has half the fat and half the saturated fat as cow’s milk. Camel milk is especially good for children. It is high in proteins which are lacking in other types of milk. This leads to the healthy development of bones and organs. Camel milk also spoils less quickly than cow milk, which goes bad after just one day. Camel milk stays fresh for four days. This, along with its health properties, makes it much more like our own mother’s milk. While camel milk isn’t as widely available as cows milk and comes at a higher price, the benefits make it worth the effort to give it a try.

Buying Camel Milk

You can also see our full list of camel milk product sellers in the US, in the UK, and in Australia.

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